Thor Hammaraxx

Musician, Songwriter, Author, Webmaster, Website Host, Programmer, Database Admin, Internet Marketer, Business Coach, Minister, Student & Teacher.

About Thor Hammaraxx

Thor Hammaraxx

It has been said "Wear many hats and fly many flags", actually it was Thor who said it and he lives by it.

"I do what I love and love what I do" has been his mantra for most of his life. So it's not unusual to see a long list of occupations listed against his name.

As a musician, Thor has played professionally both in bands and as a solo artist for over thirty years. Mostly Hard Rock and Heavy Metal but also a lot of acoustic music, especially when he' s using "JD" his 12 string guitar. As well as JD, Thor mostly plays Les Paul electric guitars and sometimes a BC Rich bass. You can find out more about Thor's music in the "Music" section of this website.

So far Thor has published three books in hard cover, paperback and eBook formats. Two of them under his own name and one under a pseudonym due to its content at the time. He is most proud of his third book, which is about a theory of his about  what really causes the 25,000+ year precession of the stars he has humorously named "The Hammar Axis". He is currently writing a fourth book which is a fictional story involving time travel. Visit the "Books" page to find out more about all of the titles released so far.

As an experienced online entrepreneur, startup coach, website host, website and web application developer, Thor Hammaraxx helps people and businesses transform their revenue by using the latest tools, techniques and resources available.

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