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Hammaraxx The Band screenshot

Hammaraxx is a loud Hard Rock band from Melbourne Australia.

The website has all the information about the band including:

  • Band members
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Music Videos

"The Hammar Axis" Book screenshot

We should disregard the currently accepted and still unexplained idea that the Earth's axis wobbling around is the reason for the observed 25000+ year precession of the stars.

Thor offers a new theory involving the way the stars that are visible to the naked eye, being close neighbors in galactic terms, move with our own Sun around the Milky Way galaxy.

The idea of the movements of the stars, as Thor suggests, is not unique. What is unique about The Hammar Axis theory is that Thor is pointing out that those movements are what causes the observed effect of the 25000+ year long precession of the stars.

Oz-Star Website Hosting screenshot

Thor's Oz-Star Website hosting supplies reliable website hosting on a choice of servers in three different continents.

A selection of plans are available beginning with starter plans that are suitable for small websites all the way up to the professional plans that are more suited to hosting multiple websites and email accounts.

The Message Zoo (MsgZoo) screenshot

Anonymity is all the rage these days.

The MsgZoo website gives users the ability to post anything online and remain 100% anonymous.

All messages have a self destruct time limit that can be set when posting. also allows for private message posting so only those with a link to the message can read it.

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