Thor Hammaraxx

Musician, Songwriter, Author, Webmaster, Website Host, Programmer, Database Admin, Internet Marketer, Business Coach, Minister, Student & Teacher.

Thor Hammaraxx Author

So far Thor has published three books in hard cover, paperback and eBook formats.

He is currently writing a fourth book which is a fictional story involving time travel.


Books By Thor Hammaraxx

The Hammar Axis - Hardcover -400x382

The Hammar Axis

'Precession of the Stars & the Changing North Star While Maintaining the Tilt of the Earth'

The Hammar Axis is a short book announcing Thor's theory about how the Earth's axis does not need to wobble, as currently accepted, on order to explain the phenomena of the almost 26,000 year procession of the stars.

Visit the book's website for more information.

OS012 front cover 247x400


'BASIC & USER Applications'

OS012 is an operating system for the human being.

OS 012 is both a playful and a descriptive title signifying a recent phenomenon that is spreading worldwide via the internet. This phenomenon has now spread to you via this book, and now you are a link in a network that spans all over the world.

The Salvia Crusaders front coverr - 185x300

The Salvia Crusaders

The "Salvia Crusaders" (Australia) set up a website to bring awareness to how Salvia Divinorum was deceitfully scheduled,  making it illegal in Australia.

The Salvia Crusaders book is a collection of stories and an archive of the salvia Crusader's website from 2003 to 2008.

Available in paperback and eBook (PDF).



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