Overcoming Writer’s Block Using AI

Overcoming Writer’s Block Using AI

Writer’s block is one of the most frustrating and challenging parts of the creative process for any writer. Sometimes, it can feel like you’re in a never ending cycle, and stressing about it can make it even more difficult to find the inspiration to create.

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You can find yourself staring at a blank page for long periods of time, feeling overwhelmed when you’re faced with any writing task. You can feel a lack of motivation or enthusiasm, a lack of new ideas or just having difficulty finding the right words to express what you want to say. All of these generally lead to procrastination and avoidance of writing.

What do you do when you face writer’s block? Once upon a time, you would do something like take a walk, relax with a coffee, stare out a window, anything to relax the mind and stimulate creative thoughts.

While all of those are still great things to do, even if you are not suffering writer’s block, there is a new and faster way to generate new original content from the simplest of ideas.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology (AI Copywriting) is transforming the way bloggers and copywriters create content in a big way and is quickly becoming the go to tool for writers around the world to create more engaging, personalised content for their readers.

Currently and probably thankfully, AI is not the self aware computer generated intelligence you may have seen in futuristic movies but, is imitates human intelligence using computer systems trained to learn how to process information delivered to it, put it into context and generate appropriate output.

It’s been around for decades, but more recent advancements in technology have allowed for more complex applications. AI is now being used to automate complex tasks, recognise patterns, and create original content including music, graphics, realistic images, video and text.

If you find yourself struggling to find ideas for creating new content, AI is well worth exploring.


You may have heard of ChatGPT, an advanced natural language processing (NLP) platform developed by the team at OpenAI. Well, recently, I’ve had the privilege to take part in a beta test program for an A.I. tool soon to be released to the public. It’s called Jounce and if the beta is anything to go by, the final release is going to be amazing.

Like ChatGPT, Jounce.ai uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to generate ideas, original stories, articles, blogs, video scripts, FAQs… The application uses templates to generate the type of content you require. The templates make it simple to jump right into creating content for exactly what you need and are sorted by categories: Advertising, Blog, Ecommerce, Email, Frameworks, Google, Other, SEO, Social Media, Strategy, Video and Website.

For example in the beta version for bloggers, the blog templates include templates for creating: blog post topic ideas, a blog post outline, a numbered list to expand on the topic, the perfect introduction paragraph, a one shot blog post, and a conclusion paragraph to wrap it all up.

Using Jounce is quite simple. It is designed to be incredibly intuitive, and doesn’t take any special training to start using it. All you need to do is choose a template, enter some text telling it what you want such as “Write an article about artificial intelligence”, type in your target audience Eg. “bloggers”, choose a tone of voice Eg. “Conversational” and Jounce generates a response that is appropriate for the given input.

A Complete 50 Page eBook in Just a Few Hours

Having private label rights to a 10 page eBook, I decided to use Jounce to expand on some of the topics to generate a more comprehensive book on the subject.

Asking Jounce to write separate articles for each chapter heading, subheadings and related topics, gave me enough content to finish up with a 50 page eBook full of relevant and valuable information. Much more than the original PLR eBook contained.

As stand alone articles, the output generated by Jounce for each request was mostly good quality content but, to use each article for the book content required editing out a lot of repetition which was expected with all articles being related to each other.

Overall, the quality of writing produced by Jounce allowed me to generate the content, edit it and create the entire 50 page eBook in just a few hours. That’s something that normally takes a few days to do.

Once I was satisfied with the complete eBook I used Sqribble to produce the final product which I will be launching soon.

There’s a document editor in Jounce too. It’s already much better than it was when I created the eBook. The document editor lets you generate and edit the output as you type in commands you can then export the as HTML of copy into your chosen document editor.

Writer’s block can be a challenging and frustrating experience for anyone, but doesn’t have to be a roadblock to your writing so, keep an eye out for the launch of Jounce once it’s out of beta, It’ll be a great choice for bloggers and copywriters who don’t have a lot of time to create content from scratch.

The beta testing period is due to be over soon but, you may still have a chance to help test it out by visiting the Jounce website at https://www.jounce.ai