Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Thor's Musical Highlights Timeline (The Short Version)


Thor discovered that music was a product of playing instruments and decided he was going to make music and wanted a guitar. A wooden ukulele had to satisfy for the next few years.


Received his first guitar as a birthday gift.


First solo performance on stage and in front of an audience other than family. It was John English's "Six Ribbons" at the grade 6 graduation.


First electric guitar, a stratocaster copy by Yamaha.


Joins the school "Big Band" for the next two years.
First gig with the band Atomic, formed at school and playing a mixture of covers and original songs.


Various jamming bands but nothing serious.


Releases first solo demo tape "Skatefuckboard", a dark, 'punky', death metal growler. Using basic recording gear in his bedroom, Thor recorded bass, guitars and vocals but no drums for this tape. This tape is no longer available.


The band P.I.S.S. (Permanently Intoxicated Seldom Sober) was formed and finally became a three piece. Pete on Drums, Harry on guitar and Thor as bassist and lead vocals playing a sound likened to a blend of hardcore punk and death metal thrash. P.I.S.S. played the local scene in Melbourne for a couple of years then disbanded in late


Thor played bass with the Commancheros featuring members of Blackjack, brothers John and Rick Giles. In the short year Commancheros were together they recorded a demo tape and performed regular gigs.


XXSEX forms and began jamming and writing songs with Thor as vocalist.


XXSEX played first show at Corner Hotel in Richmond.


XXSEX record the song "So Much For Love" at Studio 52 in Fitzroy for #2 of the Nu Music Series CD's. Now hard to find.


XXSEX spends a few months playing on the N.S.W. Central Coast.


Thor performs occasional solo shows at The Palace in StKilda.
Appears on Noise TV playing "A walk through the valley of psilocybin".


Performs solo on the MTV stage straight after "The Presidents of The United States of America" at the Pacific Circle Music Convention in Sydney.
Plays "Howard Roark" live on FM radio staion 2RRR.


XXSEX plays last show at the Cathouse in Prahran with Pegasus.
Thor's song "Just Like Heaven" makes the final 10 Australian Songwriters Awards best lyrics category.
Thor appears for the first time on Asylum TV performing "Just Like Heaven".
Thor Joins Ezy from Velvet Hammer and theatrical vocalist Mark in the acoustic cover band "Norich West" (No Request ).
Norich West played regular weekly gigs at the Lomond Hotel in Brunswick.


Thor joins The Blowflies, playing twelve string guitar and backing vocals. While in The Blowflies he recorded a few songs, appeared in two video clips and on Asylum TV.


Joined Psycho Circus, filling in playing twelve string for one gig, at the 2000 Hells Angels Festival in the desert at Ponde S.A..


Andie Steele - bass, Mick Rohotas - lead guitar, Ash Warner - drums & Thor - Lead vocals and guitar began jamming and recording forming the band "Hammaraxx".


Hammaraxx play their first gig, at the Telstra Dome of all places.


Hammaraxx appeared on Asylum TV with a filmed show at MusicLand in Fawkner.


Hammaraxx play their last show with Medusa and Mortification.


Thor takes an interest in learning to play violin and cello. Focusing on cello mainly and even played live, jamming at MusicLand one Sunday night.


Thor moves into a new house. One for the first time with a dedicated music studio.


XXSEX reforms to play a couple of shows.The Noise Bar (Brunswick) & Central Club Hotel (Richmond).


As guitarist, backing vocals, forms Besar Bodoh, a dark, costume mixture of Metal, Folk and Punk and featuring a violin. Besar Bodoh performed a number of shows during 2013, appearing live on radio and recording a couple of demo songs before replacing Thor with a new guitarist early 2014.


Joins the band Seventy Seven as lead guitarist a long with Brett Foxx, guitar & lead vocals, Colt on drums, both from the band La Femme with Steve Tyler from Bengal Tigers on Bass.