Thor Hammaraxx – Computer Programmer

Coding: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, AJAX, jQuery, PHP, Perl, SQL (MySQL), Visual Basic, VBA & more

Thor’s Programming Timeline (The Short Version)



Thor has his first experience with a computer, typing in a few lines of BASIC code that printed his name all over the screen.


Thor’s school began a computer studies class which he was thankfully denied access to. After he was knocked back from taking part in the computer class, Thor purchased his own TRS-80 16k extended colour basic system 80 computer and taught himself BASIC programming from the user manual.


Thor gets his first Apple Macintosh computer a 128k floppy disc driven all in one PC with a dot matrix Imagewriter printer.


Handing in school homework printed out from the computer, a school first, Thor is accused of cheating. A compromise was reached with the school that Thor’s homework, done on the computer, would be marked down double for spelling errors. Little did they know the Mac had a spell checker.


The old Mac is “mothballed” and replaced with a Mac Plus complete with 1mb hard drive.


Thor gets his first email address, a Hotmail email address (still in use today).


Thor created his first webpage for the band XXSEX using the free Geocities homepage which was limited of 1mb disc space. It was coded in plain notepad with pure HTML with a little bit of Javascript allowed.


Thor builds his first windows based PC running Windows 98 and starts creating websites for anyone who required one. It wasn’t long before he had a second and a third windows PC and added networking to his skill set creating his first LAN.


Thor joins the Litestep community, hacking the windows user interface to behave more like the Afterstep kernel for UNIX, contributing a LCD styled theme and an Internet Explorer hack that changed the IE logo to a rotating Litestep scorpion.


After years of playing in bands and occasional labouring jobs, Thor took his first job in the IT industry providing system support to a mobile phone call centre. There he created an internal application on the intranet to access various documents and systems from a single screen which revolutionised the call centre operations.


Trying his hand at gaming Thor created the simple but challenging “Get Branded” a vanity dodge’em game you can download it here: download Get Branded (1,984kb)


Gaining access to a server that supported PHP and had MySQL included for the first time introduced Thor to database driven website creation opening endless potential for online and intranet applications.


Starts a new programming job with a telecommunications company developing database applications for reporting purposes. At first using MS Access and VBA with spreadsheets etc. then moving on to more powerful SQL database driven PHP applications for both internal (intranet) and external (Internet) use.


Started Oz-Star website Hosting Service,, using managed servers located in the US.
Begins studying Internet Marketing.


Pioneers “Social Networking in the Application“, building a custom application with user networking/interaction as a main feature. That application still in use today.


Creates the Dingo Links program,


Accepts a permanent position at Telstra as a “Technical Specialist” – application developer, after 10 years of contract work.


Gains ITIL Foundations certificate