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The Hammar Axis

Released in 2010

The Hammar Axis is a short book announcing Thor's theory about how the Earth's axis does not need to wobble, as currently accepted, on order to explain the phenomena of the almost 26,000 year procession of the stars.

Introducing The Hammar Axis (Free eBook)

Released in 2012 This short 21 page Free ebook is designed to give you an understanding of what the idea of the Hammar Axis is and why it is important to understand this new idea.
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The Printed Book Edition

OS012 is an operating system for the human being.

OS 012 is both a playful and a descriptive title signifying a recent phenomenon that is spreading worldwide via the internet. This phenomenon has now spread to you via this book, and now you are a link in a network that spans all over the world.

OS 012 is often quite tricky and elusive to understand at first.

OS 012 has a logical system that can be taught, but its intuitive side must be caught.
The letters O & S contain more than one meaning.

In the playful sense, OS stands for Operating System, as in an Operating System for Human Being, merely referencing the ironic twist between binary code for computers (0/1) and a natural ‘ternary’ code of perception for complex and novel human being (0/1/2).

O & S can also signify Objective and Subjective, as OS 012 references the play between object and subject, or the perceived and the perceiver.

This is the first printed version of OS 012

The Salvia Crusaders

5 Years of the Salvia Crusaders

The salvia crusaders website from 2003 to 2008 archived in paperback.

In June 2003, unaware of a hidden one year old Australian law, Shayman and friends discovered Salvia Divinorum and began to explore its wonders. So impressed with what they found, and believing Salvia Divinorum was unregulated, they decided to create a website to report their experiences.

On the 18th of August 2003, the first version of the website was placed online. It featured only a few pages about, Salvia Divinorum, Salvia Crusaders members, pictures and photos, as well as a couple of trip reports.

Researching the Internet for information, Shayman discovered that Australia banned Salvia Divinorum a year earlier. After researching the banning process it became clear that there was a need to bring honesty and rationality back into Australian Law, and return the freedom to Australians to use Salvia Divinorum in peace.This book archives the documents from the Salvia Crusaders Website 2003 to 2008